Икарос (остров Икария), 9-16 июля


With this message we would like to inform you about Ikaros International Chess Tournament 2017, the traditional chess event that takes place every summer in the picturesque island of Ikaria, in Greece (this is the 40th consecutive tournament!).

The main tournament of the event, the International Aegean Open Championship takes place from 9th till 16th of July.
It is a 9 round swiss tournament with prize fund 3100 Euros in total (1st prize 800 Euros, special money prizes for ladies and veterans).
Special conditions are offered to GMs/IMs/WGMs/WIMs.

This year, for the first time there will be two (2) groups (playing two separate tournaments):
Group A: Players with FIDE rating > 1500 (FIDE list July 2017)
Group B: Players with FIDE rating < 1600 (FIDE list July 2017)
Players with FIDE rating between 1500 and 1600 may choose the group they prefer.
The organization committee holds the right to accept participants with FDIE rating < 1500 to play in Group A.

As every year, the organization committee of the tournament, made a considerable effort so as to keep the overall participation cost low.
For the players who will apply for participation until the 8th of July the organisation committee offers a special package which includes:

1. Accommodation costs (in double room, the board (food) expenses, meals, breakfast etc are NOT included)
2. Entry fee.
3. Transportation (by bus) from the Therma and Aghios Kirykos (i.e. the places where participants reside during the tournament) to the playing venue 30 minutes prior the beginning of each round.
4. Transportation (by bus) from and to the port of Evdilos at the day of the scheduled arrival (11/7) and departure (19/7) of the group of chess players from Ikaria in case this is necessary due to the ferry schedule.

The price for this package (conditions 1,2,3,4 above) is 180 Euros for the period 9-16 July 2017. For families (at least 3 members), four-member (at least) club teams, junior players under the age of 20, natives of the Aegean region and unemployed persons (bearing a valid unemployment card) the special price is set to EUR 155 per person for the period from the 9th until the 16th of July.
Participants who will pay in advance (until 30th of June 2017) the special price for the period 9th till 16st of July becomes EUR 170 per person, while for those who are eligible for the family discount (i.e., families, juniors, club teams, natives, unemployed, people with disabilities etc.) the respective special price for the period 9th till 16th of July becomes EUR 145 per person.
For more information regarding conditions, payments, discounts etc, please refer to the official announcement that can be found at: http://www.ikaroschess.gr,
For IMs/WIMs the organisation committee provides conditions 1, 2, 3, 4 as above free of charge.
For GMs/WGMs the organisation committee additionally provides:
Conditions 1, 2, 3, 4 as above free of charge plus:
5. Pocket money 1 (one) euros for each rating point above 2300 based on the FIDE rating list of 1st of July 2017. Assuming that a player's rating is 2550 he/she will get (2550 - 2300) x 1 = 250 Euros as pocket money.

Apart from the Aegean Open, Ikaros 2017 also includes the 6th Mediterranean Rapid Team Tournament 2017 that will be a 5 round swiss tournament for 4-member teams coming from the countries of the Mediterranean Sea. For more information (prizes etc. please check the official announcement on Ikaros' website: http://www.ikaroschess.gr).

The URL of Ikaros International Chess Tournament is: http://www.ikaroschess.gr,
Our e-mail is: ikaroschess@gmail.com while to contact us on the phone
call: (++30) 6932-478386 or (++30) 22750-22713 (Mr. Savvas Kyriakou)

For information about the island of Ikaria -a good choice for combining chess and vacation in a relaxing atmosphere - you can check at:
http://ikariachess.blogspot.com, http://www.ikaroschess.gr, http://www.island-ikaria.com, http://ikarianet.gr, http://www.nikaria.gr, http://www.ikariamag.gr, http://ikariaki.gr/ and http://www.visitikaria.com

Finally those who want to get an idea about the tournament and check what other players have to say about the Ikaros see at:

We remain at your disposal for any additional information you might need and we hope to meet you at Ikaria this summer!

Best Regards
On behalf of the organisation committee of Ikaros International Chess Tournament 2017
Dimitris Skyrianoglou